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We get one life.

And it's a struggle. That's why we have to BE FIERCE.


Want to know where the idea for FIERCE started?

We Feel Fear.

It's not that we don't feel fear. We're human. Of course we feel fear. However, the Fierce have determined that fear will play a small, brief role. We let it have it's moment. Then we prove it wrong.


To inspire, motivate and activate people from different walks of life to see their inner strength, understand it, and leverage the knowledge to activate it to change their lives and legacies.


To stand shoulder to shoulder with others in their struggles by creating content and apparel that helps them think and walk with a FIERCE and FREE MIND.

Everyone Fails.

Overcoming failure requires brutal honesty with self. We must refuse the habit of making excuses and instead build the habit of making adjustments.

Fight Fear with Belief
Overcome Failure w Adjustments

We Feel Pain.

There's a cause and effect relationship that binds all things. Leaning into pain with curiosity unlocks connections for us to see and respond to, rather than running blindly onward or away.

Learn from Pain

Doubt Kills Dreams.

Doubt asks you to prove yourself to it, but do you ever ask doubt to prove itself to you? So, disregard doubt and dive in with your all.

Doubt Kills Dreams

Struggle is Real.

Life is hard.

Hard is not impossible. If we want results like we're all in, then we, in fact, have to be

ALL IN ALL THE WAY TO THE END. The Struggle is real, but so is my God who designed me to overcome it.

Struggle is Real

Focus in Challenge.

Challenges are not walls. They're not ends. We may have to rise and reinvent some part of ourselves in order to overcome. But challenges are opportunities that require eyes fixed and minds open. 

Focus in Challege
walking up.jpg

Life is Hard.

It's a lot harder when you're dumb. I'm not talking about formal education, or IQ tests. Einstein says, "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." Being Fierce and Free-minded is cultivating a spirit of tenacity and curiosity that uncover truth and commit to action.

Life is Harder when you're dumb

The Enemy's Inside

"Beware of no man more than of yourself; we carry our worst enemies within us."

 - Charles H Spurgeon

The Real Enemy's Inside




We are Fierce - a Warrior's heart and tenacity, and a Scholar's unquenchable thirst for answers. We live and learn.

We've screwed up, and made mistakes. We still do. It's one of the best ways to learn. We are open in our struggles and we live for the comeback moments. We know that the struggles are real and painful. We believe in the power to overcome.  

Are you FIERCE enough to be brutally honest with yourself?

Are you FIERCE enough to truly own what discover?

Are you FIERCE enough to conquer yourself inside out?

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