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Started with a Crawford and a Struggle...

In 2004 Jason & Crystal married. Like many, the roller coaster was already started, and it was about to get crazy. Everyone said it would be difficult, but words never seem to do justice to relationship warnings. 

Their marriage, unlike many, survived a potential divorce. Ultimately, this experience created a fire in both Jason and Crystal they felt the calling to take their experiences and share them out to strengthen others.


I will give you safety through strength.

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The name Crawford is derived from the Gaelic "cru" meaning "bloody" and "ford" meaning "crossing", and that perfectly described the brutal relationship with truth, honesty and change that they experienced. 

They determined that this legacy of endurance, tenacity, and brutal self awareness was what they wanted to leave behind for their kids, grandkids and on. 

Not Unique to the Crawfords.

Fighting for the things that matter in life is challenging and often times breaking at the bends. This message of tenacity and fierce warrior spirit was something that was bound to the bloody crossings in life.


The message and impact it was having on those around them was undeniably encouraging and positive. But, the Crawfords started to realize the need for two things. One thing they needed was a brand that would resonate with others so that they could wear it and be empowered, even though they're not Crawfords. 

early niche

"showing powerful intensity"

similar to: 

powerful, strong, forceful, intense, competitive, keen, aggressive, savage, wild

Fierce Inc., was created and they began teaching classes, workshops, speaking at events and mentoring. It may have started with the Crawfords, but now it was FIERCE INC and it was growing. So, naturally the second thing they realized is that they would need more help. 

In life, people come and go. It is what it is. But some people keep coming back over and over. People like Gabe Saffold. He's a military veteran with intelligence background who wanted to collaborate but there always seemed to be something in the way. He called one day and the goals he had for leaving a legacy were similar to FIERCE, and after talking it just made sense to continue to grow together rather than creating two separate things.

Jason Teaching in Classroom.jpg

FIERCE went from being an idea born in a struggle, to a message and platform that's impacted people and changed the course of lives. We all know what it's like to connect with something deeply and want to remember it. We've even written some of those things on our hands, or mirrors so that we see them always.

That's why we redesigned the site in support of creating apparel that reminds us of the important things - the need to be Fierce and free minded.


We challenge everyone to own the present - mistakes and victories alike. We push and pull all of our followers to think and act with freedom and purpose. 

Ultimately, that's Fierce and Freeminded. We aim to Inspire, Motivate and Activate our friends and followers to be better each day.

For up-to-date content, navigate to our Facebook Page, Instagram, Youtube, or Blog. 

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Our collaborators are growing, and we certainly welcome stories and thoughts from others that inspire. Below are our authors and creators.

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Jason Crawford


Jason is many things, but one thing he is not is still. He is a fast talking, fast walking creative dude. He is a husband, a father of four, and during the day he's the Creative Director for He's also a speaker, teacher, author and entrepreneur. He never seems to lack ideas, and if we had to describe him in one word, it would be "Intense."

If you stick around and check out some of our content, you'll see what we mean.

Gabe Saffold

Gabe Saffold is truly one of a kind. We like to think of him as a top secret factory that pumps out industry disrupting concepts. He has a voracious appetite for knowledge, and an absolute zero-tolerance take on "BS." 

With his military background, he's traveled the world and seen things many only read about. He's fearless in confrontation, and yet authentically disarming in conversation. 

You'll love hearing what he has to share.




We are Fierce - a Warrior's heart and tenacity, and a Scholar's unquenchable thirst for answers. We live and learn.

We've screwed up, and made mistakes. We still do. It's one of the best ways to learn. We are open in our struggles and we live for the comeback moments. We know that the struggles are real and painful. We believe in the power to overcome.  

Are you FIERCE enough to be brutally honest with yourself?

Are you FIERCE enough to truly own what discover?

Are you FIERCE enough to conquer yourself inside out?

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