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A Pathfinder Service.


What's that? People come to us feeling lost, down, beat, or scared. We know that they want to be better, and if they knew how they would be it. So, they must not know how. We help them identify the path they truly want to be on in life, and how to get on it. We are mentors.


Short answer?  Help.


NOT a Licensed Counseling Agency.

Correct. We have gone down the path toward Degrees and Licensing, and set them aside. Ultimately, our focus is on mentoring. 

NOT Inexperienced.

In fact, our Pathfinders are picked based upon their real life experiences. They're not picked only for their classical training. They're picked because their lives are proof that they have failed and not only survived, but conquered. 

NOT Easy Life-Hacks.

True. What we deliver is based in research, and grounded in the practical realism that anything we want that's worth having takes work. 

NOT a business model designed to turn your problems into profit. We have costs to cover, and so our mentoring services have a fee. They're intentional and manageable.



FIERCE is not the absence of fear.
It is the spirit of facing it.
and conquering it.

It's not that we don't feel fear. It's that we have resigned that fear will play a small, brief role.

Then we prove it wrong.



If it is enough, there is no try.

A Fierce person is one who takes initiative. They are characterized by an intense desire to produce some kind of result in their life...not content to just wait for it to happen to them.



"get up. is that all you've got?"

Sometimes life has us up against the ropes. We're stuck. We've lost track of our "why." We don't always need to be pounded over the head with instruction as much as we need to hear the voice of that person who believes in us when we began doubting ourselves.



The struggle is real. So is the God who designed you to overcome it. You may not win immediately, but if you are FIERCE, you will win absolutely and definitely.

No matter what happens.
It's not over until I win.


Life is a full contact event. To the victor go the spoils. We also know that no man is an island. Nothing we ever do in life is done alone. We didn't come into this world on our own, we can't manage on our own, and we won't leave it being the only ones affected. 

"Call me anything you want, but never call me a self-made man."
- arnold schwarzenegger -
fierce is engaging


Another one of life's universal facts. We get out what we put in. If we want results like we're all in, then we, in fact, have to be ALL IN. This is for our personal health, mental health, achievements, relationships and spiritual life. You want to be whole? You want to make destiny obey your commands? Then say it and do it like you mean it.

"commitment is what transforms a promise into reality."
- abraham lincoln -
BE FIERCE or be forgotten.


Fearlessly Initiating Results Connection and Encouragement

Here at FIERCE, we are Pathfinders. We've been there and done that. We've screwed up, and overcome. We are willing to share our struggles and our comebacks as we mentor. We know that the struggles are real and painful. We also know they are overcome.  

Are you FIERCE enough to be brutally honest with yourself?

Are you FIERCE enough to truly own what discover?

Are you sick of trying and coming back empty-handed?

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