how FIERCE started
Started as an IDEA

In 2009, Jason was working 70 hours a week and making more money than anyone in my family had made before. He was also miserable. He missed my daughter's first step. He had money, but no time. A few years earlier his marriage had just survived a potentially nasty divorce. 

His wife had the idea of working together as volunteers at a crisis pregnancy center. 


They thought they were going to help these women because the men bailed out on them in their time of need. What was odd was that the men were there to make a difference in their child's future in ways their parents had not. 

Crisis pregnancy centers have an interesting dilemma. The unborn child is not a citizen. It cannot be the recipient of grants. However, the mother can. So, programs are developed to aid the mother, and based on aiding the mother they apply for grants. Problem? Fathers don't factor in for this assistance model. No funding? No programs. 





Jason had developed a training program which was highly successful. He had gained record sales results in the company he worked for, and so they started traveling him around Florida to assist other teams. 

This program was now the basis for mentoring new fathers. There were no sales goals, but it was results oriented. What result? How to be a better father. Of course, as our program matured to fill more than that niche, we've expanded to help both men and women both personally and in relationship.

FIERCE Launching




In the middle of this, Jason lost his job. It was something that nearly turned his world upside down. But this was also freedom to go a new direction. He focused on his Master's Degree in Counseling, and launched a marketing business to pay the bills.

The work was more than challenging. It was grueling. But the marketing business grew. Jason helped those who sought it on the side.


Then it happened. 




FIERCE evolved into a platform that works both as a private mentor program with a Pathfinder, and as a public message platform to motivate, challenge and inspire others. 

For more information navigate to our Facebook Page, Instagram, Youtube, or to our Blog. 

We challenge everyone to own the present, mistakes and victories alike. We call all of our fans, followers and clients to leave a legacy of being FIERCE, not forgotten.


Here at FIERCE, we believe that opportunity often knocks, but our "buts" are too big to make it through the door. It's our sole aim to shrink our "buts" and leave a legacy of challenge and change for our children to look up to.

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Jason Crawford


Jason is many things, but one thing he is not is still. He is a fast talking, fast walking creative. He's speaks a fluent blend of psychology and spirituality. He's a speaker, author and entrepreneur. He never seems to lack ideas, and if we had to describe him in one word, it would be "Intense."

You'll see what we mean when you meet him.



Fearlessly Initiating Results Connection and Encouragement

Here at FIERCE, we are Pathfinders. We've been there and done that. We've screwed up, and overcome. We are willing to share our struggles and our comebacks as we mentor. We know that the struggles are real and painful. We also know they are overcome.  

Are you FIERCE enough to be brutally honest with yourself?

Are you FIERCE enough to truly own what discover?

Are you sick of trying and coming back empty-handed?

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