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I'm trying to surprise my wife with 1,000 book sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Honey, if you're reading this...leave the page and pretend like you don't know...


Also, I created a Facebook Group "COFFEE BOOKS and SECRETS" for people to join, share ideas with me about how to reach more people, and follow the progress. 

Thank you, again!

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The Edge of Nothing

Lex Chronicles 


A Legends of Arameth Novel

By Crystal Crawford

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Go ahead and buy 1,000 if you like!


5 ★ ReviewS

"Crawford seems to have written this book with the idea of turning traditional fantasy upside down in unusual but believable (in the fictional sense!) ways." - R. Warren


5 ★ ReviewS

"The characters are wonderfully relatable and fleshed out, and the world of Arameth itself is incredibly fascinating with it's insane creatures and inhabitants." - NerdyFam

Google Books

5 ★ ReviewS

"So much mystery and intrigue, I couldn’t put it down. "

- MJ Padgett

Apple Books

5 ★ ReviewS

"Every chapter was more compelling than the last. I didn’t want to put it down until I finished it!"

- RearAdmiralBacon


5 ★ ReviewS

"The Edge of Nothing is very creative and addictive. The characters seem so real with faults and strengths."

- S.Linder

Barnes & Noble

5 ★ ReviewS

"I LOVE! Fantasy so I read a ton of it, and this book is NOT your typical fantasy story!"

- azaeliahardbotle


5 ★ ReviewS

"The world of Arameth is so wonderful. You will be glad there is a book number two."

- KC

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Crystal Crawford

Author & Amazing Wife

Crystal Crawford is a homeschooling mom of four, part-time writing teacher and non-profit Director, author, former animal trainer, and full-time introvert. Her imagination is her happy place! (But a deserted beach is nice, too.)


She writes fantasy and YA, with a smattering of other genres as well, and she believes in meticulous creativity -- carefully crafted stories that impact and entertain readers. She strives to provide quality, clean fiction with strong values, and books that take readers on an exciting ride and deliver all the feels.

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