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Happy New Day!

I LOVE New Year’s Day. It’s a massive, annual celebration of hope for the future. We come together. We shake off the past and literally revel in the future’s possibilities. It’s awesome, especially in a time when I‘m constantly supposed to be ashamed about this or enraged about that. It‘s nice to have a moment of unity and hope with everybody all at once.

It’s also just a day. There’s nothing magical about the movement from 31 Dec to 1 Jan. Every ounce of goodness in New Year’s is a choice. We choose unity. We choose hope.

Our disagreements are still real. Our fears are still there, but we choose hope and unity. Our will wins. The calendar day has nothing to do with it.

Today is January 2nd and I still have the power to choose unity and a new, fresh, beautiful, hope-filled future. Happy New Day.




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